Nakshatra 2K16

     Nakshatra a culfest organized by Vels University every year over the nation to invoke the skills and art - halts in every student. It is a two day fest held on March 6 & 7, it draws a footfall of 5000 students from colleges across the country. Nakshatra - 13 snowballs as a greatest outcome which produced professionals to cut the edge in their domain of interest. In sense of echoing the University brings yet another springs to gear up the mania of students through Nakshatra - 14. 12 events comprises this time to emulate the talents towards professionals. Each event is distinctively mapped to exhibit the creativity and Intellectualism and designed to unleash their potential to the fullest, enabling them to transfrom themselves into dynamic trend setters and hence, providing fun and learning experience which participants and performers cherish for a lifetime.

About   us

     The University status was conferred to Vel's Group of Institutions, by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. As a logical consequence of this, the founder Chairman Dr.Ishari K.Ganesh has become the President/Chancellor and now he leads the implementation of strategic plan that aims to shape the institute's future growth. He visualizes an University which will be globally more competitive and internationally recognized institution.

     The University is governed by Governing Board or otherwise known as Board of Management and this is the highest statutory body of this University. The members of this Board is drawn from various agencies. The Board has members representing University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, Industry, Eminent persons out side Academia, Senior Academic persons and senior officials of the University. The President/Chancellor is the Chairman of the Board and the board meets periodically to frame policies and programmes for the growth and improvement of VISTAS.



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Free Style Battle

Adapt Tune

Choreo Night


The Vogue

Light Music


Radio Jockeying

60 Secs To Fame


Street Play

Short Film



Event Schedule: Day 1

Event Name Event Time Event Name Event Time
60 Sec To Fame2:30PM To 4:00PMAdapt Tune2:30PM To 4:00PM
Light Music4:00PM To 6:00PMShort Film10:00AM TO 12:30PM
Street Play2:30PM TO 4:00PMThe Vogue6:00PM TO 8:00PM

Day 2

Event Name Event Time Event Name Event Time
Adzap11:00AM To 12:30PMChoreo Nite6:00PM To 8:00PM
Free Style Battle11:00AM To 12:30PMPhotography10:00AM TO 12:30PM
Radio Jockeying12:00PM TO 1:30PMVariety4:00PM TO 6:00PM

Event-Indicates The Events Having Same Time.

Event-Indicates The Events Having Unique Time.

Registration Instructions

  1. Registration For All Events Will Be Open Till 31stMarch 2016 And Spot Registration also available.
  2. Use Seperate Forms If You Register In more Than One Event
  3. Verify The Event Schedule Before Registration For An Event
  4. Verify The General Rules Before Registration For An Event
  5. Verify The Minimum And Maximum Number Of Participants Allowed For An Event Before Registration
  6. Downloadthe Form ,Fill it And Send It To

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